O death, where is thy sting? O grave, where is thy victory?

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davo commented on Stairway To Heaven's blog post Six Zealot Leaders and Four Edomite Leaders
"Patricia: …of AD 70, which literally turned Jerusalem into "The Lake of Fire" for the city's second death at that point.­   Nice to see someone else acknowledge this reality as well. :)"
Mar 29
davo replied to Boyardee's discussion Resurrection
"Boyardee: It appears that the resurrection deniers in 1 Cor 15, had a particular problem with the resurrection body of the “dead ones”.   I’m not sure they did have a problem with this… some were just flat-out denying…"
Aug 31, 2016
davo replied to Boyardee's discussion Resurrection
"A final word from my pantelist perspective…   Paul’s “the dead” of 1Cor 15:12 was historic Israel of the old covenant to his day past and present. i.e., all Israel… “dead in trespasses and…"
Aug 4, 2016
davo replied to Boyardee's discussion Resurrection
"Boyardee: The issue is I need to be able to convince myself, not just accept it. And the only challenge with 1 Cor 15 is defining who "the dead" are. … Initially I did think that the definition of dead ones as Israel was much…"
Aug 2, 2016
davo replied to Boyardee's discussion Resurrection
"Thanks John I appreciate that. Like you I’m only human so I can get a bit frayed around the edges… but ya get that sometimes. ;)"
Aug 2, 2016
davo replied to Boyardee's discussion Resurrection
"Hi Boyardee… I’m not inclined to get into debates with others’ views here as I have no need for this. Others believe as they do and I’m fine with being at variance, i.e., I don’t have a need to prove against someone…"
Aug 1, 2016
davo replied to Boyardee's discussion Resurrection
"Boyardee: The first thing that strikes me about saying there were Gentiles who were saying that God is done with Israel is the fact that the apostles and a portion of believers were Jews. How then could the gentiles believe that the very people who…"
Jul 31, 2016
davo commented on Stairway To Heaven's blog post Annas, Caiaphas, and the Five Brothers
"Accordingly you might find this of interest.  "
May 18, 2016
davo replied to Ron McAnally's discussion Resurrection of the wicked
"The above is from those links you gave... pretty much the pantelist position! :)"
Mar 17, 2016
davo replied to K1's discussion "Evolution" of the beast and the spirit of anti-Christ
"Yep that is true, especially when ‘Latinized’… which is why sticking with the NT usage is so important when trying to make a biblical argument etc; but, all good. :)"
Oct 11, 2015
davo replied to K1's discussion "Evolution" of the beast and the spirit of anti-Christ
"Actually just for future reference, this is not quite correct: ‘Anti’ <ἀντί> means... over against, opposite to, before, instead of, in place of (something/someone)."
Oct 9, 2015
davo commented on jjkratt's blog post Who or What Was the Devil and Should I Care?
"Hi Patricia…   In a similar vein to Doug, though maybe(??) for different reasons, I’d have to ask if all that you’ve asked is pertinent IF your basic assumptions are skewed? I must point out straight off also that I…"
Aug 5, 2015
davo commented on jjkratt's blog post Who or What Was the Devil and Should I Care?
"Doug: It would be arrogant to assume he didn't experience what he said he did, but I want to hear from him what happened and why it "must" be demonic. For mine... I rarely question someone's "experience" -- I can…"
Aug 3, 2015
davo commented on Doug's blog post After this, the judgment
"Doug: Did Paul and the early Jewish church understand "the world" as being just the Jews, or did they increase their sphere of understanding to mean ALL men, after Peter's revelation about gentiles?   “Both”……"
Jul 31, 2015
davo commented on Doug's blog post After this, the judgment
"JIR: The problem is that you said IF the realisation (i.e. the High Priest's 2nd appearing) has not yet occurred then we are still lost and in unforgiveness YET you say the unique first fruits were not still lost nor floundering even though the…"
Jul 31, 2015
davo commented on Doug's blog post After this, the judgment
"Doug: Yes Davo, I agree with this view also. But I don't have to be a pantelist to agree with you, do I?   Of course not Doug… it’s just that pantelism has some nuanced differences from prêterism that I’m fully…"
Jul 30, 2015

Davo's Blog

Philosophical Furphy

Posted on February 6, 2011 at 3:03pm 14 Comments

The whole "infinite procreation" argument is a weak "philosophical" furphy cobbled together as a means of introducing a newly formed hybrid prêterism, and that's ok, and good luck to those peddling it; but this "infinite procreation" argument is totally forced in terms predetermined to bolster argumentive outcomes in favour of its own position – and well who wouldn't at least try that, but that does not make it correct.


The prêteristic view of a biblically established…


John Sailhamer's "Historical Creationism"

Posted on December 3, 2010 at 1:01am 10 Comments

In the ‘creation’ debate there seems to be no end of views. Awhile ago I laid out my present position HERE which is akin to John Sailhamer’s “historical creationism” while acknowledging aspects of the CC view... seeing the value of appreciating the “both/and” as opposed to “either/or” approach which can sometimes have folk talking past each other. I haven’t had the opportunity to read… Continue

Annihilation Anathema

Posted on October 13, 2010 at 2:16am 15 Comments

When one understands “eternal destruction” in qualitative terms of the TOTALITY of devastation, then annihilation can rightly be understood biblically as referring solely to the “physical demise” of one’s being – nothing more and nothing less; that is – annihilation has absolutely NOTHING to do with mankind’s post mortem condition. Such destruction in scriptural terms is relative to temporal and corporeal judgment and in most cases pertinent to God’s covenant people.… Continue

Abysmal Babble

Posted on April 15, 2009 at 10:57am 28 Comments

In a recent article posted HERE the author, in decrying "the practice" of tongues he identified as "a private prayer language to God", stated…
…Paul is clear in several places that the practice was to be done publically in the church WITH an interpreter, and that the practice of tongues as well as the other charismata, was always...ALWAYS for the benefit of others and never...NEVER for…

Comment Wall (4 comments)

At 6:59am on February 22, 2009, John said…
Welcome Davo!
At 12:23am on February 23, 2009, James Kessler said…
"Good day mate" Welcome to the site.
At 12:05pm on May 29, 2014, Stairway To Heaven said…


Where can i learn Ed Burley's teachings /  materials ?

Thank you

At 4:08am on June 1, 2014, Stairway To Heaven said…

“It had been 1,000 years since David died. Yeshua's reign technically started at that point. His 1,000 years wasn't the 40 year truncated kingdom of much of preterism, NO, it was the completed kingdom of the Son of David. Solomon built a temple that eventually fell. But Yeshua built a Temple, a Holy City that could never be destroyed. The 666 represented Solomon, for it is in the Solomon stories of the bible that the 666 is mentioned. The beast was Solomon. The Pharisees demanded allegiance to Solomon as David's True Son, not Yeshua, but they were proved wrong when Yeshua destroyed their Temple, their priesthood, their Torah. He became our Temple. He became our Priesthood. He became our Torah. The fulfilled, once-and-for-all, tried and true, Messiah, King of Kings and Lord of Lords. He did it. The "mark of the beast", the sign of allegiance to the old, which the Revelation says at the time of the destruction of Jerusalem passed away, was circumcision. In its place came the Seal of God placed on the foreheads of God's servants. What was it? BAPTISM. I also believe that if a study was done, instead of finding the 8 kings of Revelation to be of the Caesar lineage, it would actually be of the Solomonic lineage.”

This is a comment you wrote on my blog "Circumcision is the mark of the beast" on
Where do you get the quote / words from Ed Burley above ?
Can you give me the link ?
Thank you.

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