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John Walton - Genesis Through Ancient Eyes

A very helpful video:


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Michael Miano, Jeff Vaughn, and Tim Martin Follow Up on Ham/Nye Debate

Just thought I should pass this on.

Michael Miano spent two shows following up on the Ken Ham vs. Bill Nye debate.

Jeff and Tim offer a biblical alternative to Ken Ham's "creation model" composed of young-earth creationism and a global flood in Noah's day. Tucked into the discussion are some recent observations related to the Covenant Creation model. 

Here is the link:…


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The Lord's Prayer Fulfilled

I have seen a few preterists tinker with this idea over the years. Not sure if anyone has systematically developed the concept out and what it means for God's people today. Here is my best attempt. The sermon titled "The Lord's Prayer Fulfilled" is #21 in this sermon series:

Tim Martin sermons in…


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Where are the Fish?

Here is an intriguing blog by Peter Leithart:

Where are the Fish?


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Kingdom Family

What happens when you put the "fishers of men" passage in it's rightful context?

Well, you fill the nets to their limit. Jesus gets all of the fish...

Listen here:

Kingdom Family


Tim Martin

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The Temptation of Christ in Covenant Context

The whole subject of Satan and the devil has fascinated me for a long time. Throw in covenant eschatology, and things get really interesting.

Previously, I haven't put out any public work on the issue. Perhaps this is an introduction to some who may wonder what to do with Satan and the devil as preterists. A lot more needs to be worked out in the future. This is one approach that makes sense to me, but I'm not dogmatic about my conclusions. There are certainly other options…


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Baptism as Covenant Creation

Here is a recent sermon from Covenant Community Church:

Baptism as Covenant Creation

This is the place to further discuss the material. I won't be able to interact very much due to my current work schedule, but I will keep an eye on how the discussion develops and jump in when I can.

You can find more related material at…


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"She is Risen!"

"She is risen, indeed!"

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Levirite Marriage

Here is a sample text sermon by Tim Martin transcribed by Todd Williams.

Levirite Marriage


Tim Martin

Beyond Creation Science

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Sermon Archive

For those interested, I just compiled a sermon archive for future reference. You can access the archive here:

Sermon Archive

Special thanks to Charles Shank who maintains the Covenant Community Church website and to Todd Williams for sermon transcription.

I will continue to add new material as the work becomes…


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Between Babel and Beast: America and Empires in Biblical Perspective by Peter Leithart

Just thought I should bring this new book to everyone's attention:

Between Babel and Beast by Peter Leithart

I sometimes drew different conclusions than Leithart does at key points. However, this book contains some of the most insightful analysis and detail that I have seen in quite some time. Get it. Read it. Highly recommended!

Click on the above…


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And it Came to Pass, published by Canon Press, Moscow, ID, 1993

I'm wondering if anyone else has looked closely at this book published about 20 years ago by Canon Press in Moscow, Idaho? It's a real treat. Lots of great preterist explanation and detail. I highly recommend it.

The full title is: And it Came to Pass - The Third Annual C.E.F. Symposium: Preterism. R.C. Sproul wrote the Foreword.

What I find to be most remarkable about this book is that it appears to me that Canon Press, back in 1993,…


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Covenant Creation: A Demonstration from Colossians

Have you ever wondered if Covenant Creation can be demonstrated directly from the text of the New Testament?

One of the neat things about active ministry in a local congregation is how you will be forced, on a regular basis, into systematic study of God's Word with its application to daily life. I spent most of my preaching schedule in 2012 at Covenant Community Church working verse by verse through…


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Peace on Earth?

OK, I can spill the beans now that Christmas is over.

There, I've done it. I just ruined Christmas. See for yourself:

Peace on Earth?

Could it be that our modern approach to Christmas is entirely based on futurist theology? What if Christmas is killing us?


Tim Martin

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PWOB = Preterism Without Brakes?

For the record, it should actually be PWB. But Doug Wilson has never been all that great at paying attention to detail when it comes to his eschatology. That would be... well... a bit dangerous.

For what it's worth, I think I sense his PWB talking -- Protestantism Without…


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Covenant: The Divine Image

Part 6 of my Covenant Sermon Series, titled "Covenant: The Divine Image," is now available here:


I don't really have much of an explanation to offer. It's just my description of the view from 13,000 feet. Feel free to offer your feedback.


Tim Martin

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Jonah as Proof for Covenant Creation/Eschatology

Have you ever considered how Jonah demonstrates both Covenant Creation and Covenant Eschatology?


Jesus gave one preeminent sign to his wicked and adulterous generation: the sign of Jonah. Most Christians don't think much about the significance of the story (other than a great fish). Nor do they realize how the whole story of Jonah fits the New Testament narrative, for one greater than Jonah had…


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Integrating Covenant Creation and Noah's Flood in Prophetic Context

My apologies to those who have already listened to these recordings on the 01-27-12  Hairy Ticks Variety Show.  I thought I should repackage the material in a dedicated blog post to better describe the content. This will help for future reference.


Discover more about the relationship between Genesis Creation, Noah's Flood, and New Testament prophecy here:



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Why James B. Jordan's Postmillennialism Requires a Local Flood

I have always enjoyed reading James B. Jordan's books and articles. That is not to say that I always agree with his perspective, but he does make you think. His 1988 book titled Through New Eyes had a major impact on me as a teen studying theology for the very first time.


Jordan is a young-earth creationist in print. His 1999 book titled…


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Dusting for Fingerprints

Here's a new addition on the BCS website by my friend, Monte Swan:


Dusting for Fingerprints



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