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“II Corinthians 5, Part III” By Sam Frost

I'm reposting again an article from Sam Frost that I posted over three years ago that speaks to the issue of Romans 5-8 and delves into the Corporate Body concept. There are also a multitude of discussions that follow this post that one may find interesting.  click the link at the bottom and it will take you to the full original post and discussion.


“II Corinthians 5, Part III” By Sam Frost

Posted by Norm on January 26, 2011 at 6:30pm


I have been…


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The Resurrection: Corporate or Individual

Now for that post script I see there are questions regarding the Corporate and Individual Body usage in scripture. I wrote this little excerpt about 5 years ago in response to the same questions Ed brings up and is being discussed. I’m going to add a little more at the end to “flesh” it out just a tad more.

Subject: Re: The Resurrection: Corporate or Individual

As I have stated earlier I believe it is imperative that when introducing the “body” corporate…


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Is the Tower of Babel the Jewish Temple?

Question for the readers here on DID,

While studying Genesis historically I have put off delving deeper into the Tower of Babel story. However now I'm beginning to see patterns that resonate with other consistent factors we see in Genesis which is prophecy. The more I study the more it is becoming apparent to me that Genesis is an indictment against temple Judaism just as Christianity concludes. I believe the pattern may be represented and drawn from the Jews experience with…


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Rev 20:7-10 (Post Millennium)?

Recently a discussion was brought up by a good friend concerning Duncan and Doug W.’s Premillennial Preterism on a closed forum I belong to. I typically have to stay away from these detailed discussions because they require a lot of energy, thought and time to enter into intelligently.  Against my better judgment I decided to enter in even though I don’t have the time and energy I used to be able to allocate to these issues. Partially this is because I’m not giving Duncan and Doug a fair…


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The Evolution of Adam: What The Bible does and Doesn’t Say About Human Origins By Pete Enns

I want to introduce Pete Enns newly released Book “The Evolution of Adam”: What the Bible does and doesn’t Say about Human Origins. 

This is going to be a ground breaking book in Christian circles as Pete introduces some new concepts to the evangelical crowd that seriously challenges many of their longstanding hermeneutical approaches.  I have listed the Table of Contents and Pete’s concluding 9 Thesis below to give you a…


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Tom Holland's New Commentary on Romans


For those who found Tom Holland’s work “Contours of Pauline Theology” useful, you might be interested in Tom’s new Romans Commentary “Romans: The Divine Marriage”. Tom makes some mistakes but by and large his work gets as close to the Preterist hermeneutic of Max King’s as anyone out…


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Bible Decoded by computer


There is an interesting tool recently developed for investigating biblical authorship and construction. Here is the article below. They tested it by dividing up Jeremiah

and Ezekiel and the algorithm put them back together with near 99% accuracy.

That is indeed a tool that is going to play a role in furthering the investigation of controversial writings like Genesis.  I'm hoping someone will put it to use soon on Genesis 1-11 to help bring…


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The Book of Adam and Eve


I have recently been investigating some early Jewish and Christian writings that I haven’t had time to explore adequately before.  What I’m finding is that I’m seeing things from the messianic perspective that I’ve missed in earlier surveys. I believe this occurs as one become more comfortable with the ancient literature.  I have looked at Psalms of Solomon and the Secrets of Enoch which appear to be messianic first Century BCE pieces of second Temple Judaism literature. However I’m…


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Should Christians celebrate the demise of Osama Bin Laden?


It seems that there is some hand wrangling over the US killing of Osama Bin Laden recently by Christians.  My question today is; can we appreciate the retribution as an act of God using the State to bear the sword toward those who do evil post AD70?


It appears that the Christians of the first century were not given permission themselves to perform these acts of retribution but expected God to bring it about through His agents. We also read that they were to look…


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The Timing of Judgment on the Nations following Judgment upon Israel


I recently posted this response on a personal blog with some others but no one has responded to it yet so I’m going to repost it here in hopes I can get some interaction with some of you here on DID.  My premise is in response to questions concerning the Judgment upon the Nations and the timing of it in relation to AD70 and judgment upon Israel. IMO it appears from all indications that Judgment must first occur concerning Israel and then Judgment occurs upon the Nations.  As many of…


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"Jesus The Temple" book review


I wanted to share with the readers of DID some thoughts and details concerning a recent book that I have just finished reading. It’s called “Jesus The Temple” by Nicholas Perrin and you can order it and read some reviews here at Amazon. I going to quote Peter Leithart’s review of the book and also add a few thoughts myself. I’ve listed the Table of Contents as well for folks to glimpse the outline of his…


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“Reviewing Max King’s I Corinthians 15 Arguments (Part 2)”


Sam Frost has penned his second article concerning 1 Cor 15 and Max King.  In this article Sam dances between the lines hoping that folks would not pick up on some of his inconsistent theorizing. First Sam builds his new concept concerning “being changed in the twinkling of an eye” to usher in his new understanding that Paul wasn’t speaking directly to the people and times of the first century. No Sam is postulating that this section infers a future fulfillment at the end of time…


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“Sam Frost says he debunks Max King’s corporate body premise”

I’m hoping someone can clue me in on how Frost has defeated Max King’s “seed” explanation in his most recent article.  Article here

Here are some excerpts and a follow up post so you don’t have to wade through the whole episode of Sam’s. What I’m having a problem with is that Frost says that half of King’s book is devoted to 1 Cor 15 yet he doesn’t interface with John 12:24…


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"Last Things First" - Unlocking Genesis 1-3 with the Christ of Eschatology


I want to bring attention to a new book I’m currently reading.

I’m over half way through the book and I’m finding it quite useful and it supports much of what we covenant creationist have been postulating. However the author is a futurist there is no doubt but he fits somewhere in the company of James Jordan and Meredith Kline from the Reformed camp. It seems he’s more comfortable with Kline who was an old earth adherent and is thus more comfortable with taking Genesis…


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Is there a church post AD70?

Well it seems that Taffy left the house before I could respond but I did want this post to be on the public record.

"Correction Taffy did not leave on his own as he was removed." My mistake and I apolgize for mishandling the situation.  




Here is the problem with your position.  You don’t think anyone post AD70 have been redeemed.  You are correct in the literal historical sense of the term but not in the effectual fulfillment of…


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Progressive Covenantalism as an Integrating Motif of Scripture


I want to link to Tim and Jeff’s website where they have this most interesting article that many of you might find quite fascinating.


Here is the link to their site and I’ve posted their excerpt and further links of interest below also.



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Enochs "Prophecy of the Animals"

Today I want to post the complete episode from the Book of Enoch called by some the “Prophecy of the Animals”. However not only would I encourage all to read this 200 BC era writing of the Jews but I would encourage everyone to join in and see if they can identify all the different figures, nations etcetera that are being illustrated with Hebrew symbolism. I believe this endeavor will go a long way in helping one to become comfortable with Hebrew symbolism and at the same time will understand… Continue

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David Chilton and Full Preterism: The Facts


A Note About David Chilton and Full Preterism

Don K. Preston D. Div.

I have been contacted by numerous people asking about David Chilton and his full preterist eschatology. It seems that some, both within the preterist movement and without, are denying that David Chilton had ever become a full preterist. I believe that it is necessary to set the historical record straight on this.

In 1997, I was…


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What does 1000 mean in Rev 20?

In response to more questions that continue to come up regarding Rev 20 let me address this issue once again.


There is no doubt that Rev 20 and the 1000 year motif has caused about as much confusion in the Christian world as any chapter has. I posted this blog a few weeks back which may start to shed some light on how the ancients understood and used the 1000 year motif.



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Who does the Mark of the Beast Represent?


Who does the Mark of the Beast Represent?


We find in Revelation 13 the arrival of two beasts: one from the Sea [Gentile] and one from the land [Jew].  The beast in OT parlance generally represents a despot ruler or people who are not in covenant unity with God. Look at the example of King Neb who acquired the mind of a beast when he did not give honor and glory to God for his kingdom accomplishments yet he returned to the mind of a man when he…


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Olivet Discourse Movie

How the Olivet Discourse was fulfilled in the first century.
Matthew 24, Mark 13, Luke 21
Riley O'Brien Powell



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