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A Bit of Poetry

I am always amazed at the importance of putting our theology into everyday practice. My life has seen some incredible trials over the past year, but the one thing that keeps me positive is knowing what Kingdom I am living in. This rough draft of a poem I wrote hopefully captures the idea that, because Christ actually finished the work He came to do, we actually can grow through our trials and experience Resurrection Life. These trials are not something to be avoided or escaped from, but the…


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The Cream Rises to the Top

It is no secret that the partial preterist world tries its best to marginalize consistent preterism. Gary DeMar has called the movement a "tar baby" with only about 100 people in it. 

With that in mind, these two episodes of "Back to the Bible" with Woodrow Kroll, were quite surprising and may be harbingers of what is to come upon the partial preterist world. 

Kroll is embarking on an…


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The Power of Consistency

I am always looking for new places to download good audio, for free of course, to listen to while I work.  Over the weekend I found out that has a free section, as well as a free book for download every month. 

Anyway, I perused their free section and found three really interesting presentations. 

The first one…


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Peter Enns and the Covenant Eschatology/Creation train barreling down the track.

I came across this interview with Dr. Peter Enns.  The entire interview is fascinating, and I think he was spot on with the problems that mainstream evangelical (and I would include Reformed) crowds are perpetuating by…


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Partial Preterist Futurism: Going the Whole Way on Creation

          There is a problem in the partial preterist world.  They are slowly running out of “unfulfilled” passages of Scripture.  It is not necessary to go into great detail, because any honest observer will admit that over the past 30 years "fulfillment" has been the course de jour.  Beginning with passages such as Daniel 12 back in the 1990's and even up into the present day with Joel McDurmon's new book,  Jesus vs. Jerusalem, partial preterist exegetes have…


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A good resource from a geologist who was formerly YEC.

Here is a pretty good resource.  I have corresponded with the author of the blog in the last month.  He now has a copy of "Beyond Creation Science."  He may end up writing a review.  He is a trained geologist so his insights from the scientific side of things are really interesting for anyone looking into the YEC / OEC debate.


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Interesting article from

This might be a good place to comment and plant some seeds.


Notice the last line:

I think we just need a bigger more sophisticated handling of the text, than a reductionist one that I think actually impoverishes or understanding of The Fall, the cross, redemption, the ‘coming again’ and so on. (emphasis mine.)

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Covenant Creation in Bible Matrix 2!

I received a copy of Bible Matrix II by Mike Bull.  (I would like to thank Mike publicly for sending me a copy free of charge. I very much appreciate it.)


Like Bible Matrix, Bull relies heavily on James Jordan's approach and has the same un-questioned young earth creationist presupposition.  On a positive note, this book will open the full-preterist door to many astute readers. 


However, I found this incredible quote on page…


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More Evidence for Gentiles on the Ark?


1 Corinthians 9:8-10 (ESV)

8Do I say these things on human authority? Does not the Law say the same? 9For it is written in the Law of Moses, "You shall not muzzle an ox when it treads out the grain." Is it for oxen that God is concerned? 10Does he not speak entirely for our sake? It was written for our sake,…


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Adam is the Pot!

I am sure someone has developed this more than I have but here is a thought.


Isaiah 29 with the famous "Potter has authority over the clay" is cited by Paul in Romans 9...


In both instances the context is Israel...


Gen. 2:7 "God formed man out of the dust of the ground".


I was listening to Josephus today. He mentions that the name "Adam" had to do with a red color of the earth that he was made out of, like the clay that is…


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Bad taste?

Here is the latest artwork for the AIG newsletter. Anyone else think it is in bad taste considering the events in Japan? The really bad news is that Covenant Creationist didn't make the compromisers list but not to worry because the "Genesis as a Cosmic Temple" people did. Maybe next year, or next month. Besides, we know AIG knows where at least one Covenant Creationist lives...… Continue

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Death Throws of the Empire

Answers in Genesis has really ratcheted up the heretic hunting. They are coming out with a new book "Already Compromised" on top of all the…


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The Revelation of Jesus Christ: The Perfect Failure?

Montana summers are short. We pack a lot into the 18 hours of daylight. I normally don't do a whole lot of intense study in the summer due to the fact that we are so busy with work, gardens, hiking and other family activities.

However, today I had a thought. If the Second Coming is yet future, then the Revelation of Jesus Christ that John delivered to the 7 Churches in Asia is really the Perfect Failure.

Let me explain the basic thought and any input would be greatly… Continue

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What's in a Name? Meet Pax Emmanuel Martin!

My wife and I were recently blessed with our third child on April 7th at

9:24pm. He weighed in at 7lb's 15 oz and was very healthy. After two

very difficult and long labors with our first two children, my wife was

relieved to have a relatively short labor (about 5 hours). This

birth experience was truly a joy for us. We were fortunate enough

to be able to use a birthing center in Great Falls, Montana and had two

absolutely amazing midwives assist throughout the… Continue

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Preterist Bible!

So I was searching through my Bibles the other day to find one that I can start to use as my main Bible Study Bible. Up until now I had been using an assortment of Bibles from my Bible book shelf, but this creates the problem of remembering which Bible has what notes that I made. I was thinking to myself, "wouldn't it be great if I had a 'true-preterist' Bible". Even my ESV Reformation Study Bible, put out by R. C. Sproul's Ligonier Ministries, had disastrous uninspired notes when it came to… Continue

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Gary DeMar does it again!

I just received this article from Gary DeMar on my facebook page.

I hope Gary doesn't get into too much trouble for stirring the pot! I just found out he is having a debate with a dispensationalist in June.… Continue

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Latest from Ken Ham and others.

This is from a blog post of the Sufficiency of Scripture Conference that was held last week in Cincinnati, Ohio.

I did not attend the conference, although I have heard many of the speakers at past conferences. It seems as if the Homeschool leadership, YEC leadership, and Reconstructionists have formed an alliance in an effort to protect the Ultra-Scientific-Literal hermeneutic that is so precious to the futurist.

I… Continue

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