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2009 Covenant Creation Conference: "The Promised Land of Lot" Audio and Slideshow Now Available Online

Just thought I should mention that the concluding session related to the 2009 Covenant Creation Conference is now available online for listening or downloading.

This presentation is titled "The Promised Land of Lot: Deep Structure in the Old Covenant Creat... You will find links to both files in the second paragraph of the 2009 Covenant Creation Conference ordering page. To get the most out this audio recording, please click on the matching slide show presentation and scroll through the slides as you listen to the MP3.

If you find this material helpful and stimulating, then please consider ordering the 2009 Covenant Creation Conference CD and Artwork! This package is currently in the final stages of production. We hope to ship all orders in about a week. We'll make an e-mail announcement when everything is completed.


Tim Martin

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Comment by John on June 21, 2009 at 11:51pm
What a great teaser.I just got home from vacation and listen to the lecture while i unpacked so i wasn't able to take some notes like i usually do.But i go back to work tomorrow night and will have some time to get caught up and will listen again.I'm really looking forward to whole conference tapes.I totally agree with you about how exciting this is and the implications it has for the future of Covenant Eschatology.

From reading your book and the articles here and then listening to that lecture tonight I'm amazed how anyone could think science could be playing any major role in how you have reached your conclusions. The fact that science might support your view is a side issue as far as i can see.People that might want to paint you as someone driven by science are just looking for any port in a storm.

Great work Tim!!!
Comment by Brian Maxwell on June 22, 2009 at 3:14am
Excellent Tim! This is helping make sense out of the entire Bible. Covenant Creation is the perfect complement to Covenant Eschatology.

I've just been re-reading the law for the ump-teenth time, and I happened to be in Deut 2 while listening to this audio. Wow, I'm blown away by the descendants and promised land of Lot. It's making sense to me. This is providing such insight to the rest of the scriptures. Thanks so much.


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