O death, where is thy sting? O grave, where is thy victory?

I am always amazed at the importance of putting our theology into everyday practice. My life has seen some incredible trials over the past year, but the one thing that keeps me positive is knowing what Kingdom I am living in. This rough draft of a poem I wrote hopefully captures the idea that, because Christ actually finished the work He came to do, we actually can grow through our trials and experience Resurrection Life. These trials are not something to be avoided or escaped from, but the very thing that God uses to grow us in maturity and grace, and to equip us for Kingdom adventure. 


(Please, any feedback, questions, or grammatical changes / suggestions are greatly appreciated. I don't have a title yet either.)

When truth ceases and feelings reign supreme,

Unexpected idols take the shape of a ring,

As I stand amongst a shattered dream,

Who am I to deny my King?

Should I really feel this way?

Is it really ok?

Can it be that among such sorrow,

God has brought about renewed tomorrow?

What will the world say?

Can it recognize grace in a made new day?

Yet, I choose to return to the Joyful Dance,

Embracing, in hope, a second chance.

This time to use a heavenly measure,

As my eyes are opened to unsuspecting treasure.

Far above rubies it will be. 

Is it true, even for undeserving me?

Resurrection becomes a daily event,

When all your strength is spent,

Humbly embracing the Rock,

That patiently sat beside you as you thought,

“I can do this on my own.”

“I am the king on my throne.”

Now to see clearly,

The meaning of humility.

Embracing divine de-creation,

For the grace to practice Resurrection.


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