O death, where is thy sting? O grave, where is thy victory?

How do we know the Earth is older than literalistic readings of the Bible seem to imply?

Nicolas Steno, pioneer in sedimentology and stratigraphy

Nicolas Steno (1638–1686), the Catholic bishop who formulated foundational principles in stratigraphy, paleontology, and even crystallography.

Geologists have been wrestling with this question for centuries, especially those pioneers in the Earth sciences (e.g. Nicolas StenoWilliam BucklandHugh MillerThomas Chalmers, and even Charles Darwin) who were also devout clergymen or at least trained in natural theology. The 19th century in particular may be characterized by the massive, interdisciplinary effort that sought to answer the question scientifically: how old is the Earth? But it was not until the mid 20th century that all efforts began to converge on the value we now accept: 4.56 billion years.

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Comment by John on February 5, 2016 at 12:15pm

One of the many reasons I posted this article is because I have a hard time believing it's still pulling so many  people away from the the Gospel...Especially the young folks.

I know this first hand from interactions with my Christian friends and family.As much as I believe Covenant Eschatology is a barrier for many of the same people I'm wondering if the YEC debate isn't even more important.

A typical example would be"Young-earthism cost her faith." This mirrors the many examples I have personally come across.

I'm no Pastor nor do I stand on a soap box and preach but I do discuss these issues with family and friends and have seen the damage done  especially to the young folks.

Futurism and YEC are both equally destructible to the Gospel IMO.

Comment by Doug on February 9, 2016 at 4:23pm

I agree with you John.

Ironically, there really isn't anything in the bible, taken at face value, that tells me the earth is young. That is an invention of fertile minds that twisted the idea that death didn't enter the world until Adam. Scripture itself testifies that physical death did not enter the world with Adam's sin. The death he died was spiritual, and the bible explicitly states that when it tells us how old he was when he physically died.

But we have been told the lie that physical death entered the world because of Adam so often, that we believe nothing before Adam could have physically died. This assumption underlies the whole YEC debate. Destroy that, and there is room for discussion. Allow it to stand, and you have lost the debate. But smug YEC advocates take this as a point of faith, even though it is easily destroyed from the bible alone.

I will concede that SIN entered the world through, but that is a strong point to begin discussion about an old earth. Since sin entered the world through Adam, and we can show that without law no sin is imputed, then it is an easy leap to the idea that Adam was not the first hominid, only the first "covenant man", in whom the law of God was placed, and hence, the first man in whom sin was possible. Extrapolate that out to today, and we can then preach the gospel and the need for a sin covering, namely Jesus, the last Adam.

It all fits so beautifully, and I am baffled why YE adherents are so stuck in their pardigm. Their arguments are so easily destroyed from scripture alone. But to give them credit, they are laboring under centuries of theological errors and assumptions that came directly out of the middle and dark ages. That world was a dark scientific world, and some people then even believed the world was flat. But modern day orthodoxy has refused to think spiritually, instead bringing God down to our level and anthropomorphizing Him in a way that dishonors Him, because God is a Spirit, and they that worship Him must do so in Spirit AND TRUTH (Jn. 4) When we make the work of God on Earth one of simply making over a physical creation so that people can have a pleasant environment in which to live forever, we make heaven a second-best place. We state, in effect, that physical enjoyment is the pinnacle of human attainment. We basically are telling God that the Earth is to be worshipped.

Comment by John on February 14, 2016 at 8:41pm


Thanks for your response and sharing your views which I'm sure like mine have evolved over the years.

Always enjoy your input and your ability to put things in a common sense and easily and  understandable way.

Hope all is well with you and your family.




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