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Joel McDurmon, with American Vision, posted this new article on Eschatology:


Creation, Adorned


"While 2 Peter 3:13 is definitely related thematically to Isaiah 65, it is a mistake to think that there is an exclusive relationship between the Isaiah passage and any New Testament usage, as if Isaiah were giving a unique prophecy of a unique event in the future, and then Peter and John were announcing the fulfillment of that one predicted event on their horizon (or at any time in the future). It is not that Isaiah announced 'X'. and that Peter and John were saying 'the time has come for X,' after which time 'X' is done and gone. Rather, both texts are partaking of a much larger theological genre which is replayed many times throughout Scripture, and which reappears particularly prominently in these passages. This is to say that while Isaiah 65 is certainly a backdrop to the New Testament references to a new heavens and new earth, it is not the ultimate basis of it.

That ultimate basis is found in Genesis 1. All talk of creations or new creations and the mechanisms God uses to bring them about are rooted in the first chapter of Scripture and cannot be understood properly unless we begin there. This is not just because the theme of 'creation' in general begins there, as if we cannot discuss 'new' creation without relaying the theological foundations of creation in general afresh every time..."


"So here we see the theology behind the new heavens and new earth—at least in an abbreviated version. It is rooted in Genesis 1 and 2..."



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Comment by Doug Wilkinson on January 28, 2012 at 2:25pm

When I talk about the role of Deuteronomy, I want to be clear that what I mean is the issuing of the treaty and the actual crossing of the Jordan into the Promised Land.  The point is that without entering the land and sacking of Jericho you don't have the full story.


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