O death, where is thy sting? O grave, where is thy victory?

In Preterist websites and material that I read related to Preterism, the theme of two covenants is often discussed, where they are also called the "Old Covenant Age" and the "New Covenant Age."  The sense is given that there are only TWO AGES that humanity has lived under, and that the New Covenant Age has no ending to it.  As I have written in comments on this site already, an "endless AGE" is an oxymoron, since by its very definition, an age has a beginning AND an ending point.

My conclusions from what I read in scripture is that Christ's KINGDOM has no end, but that the ages of history under which mankind has lived will each have a most definite beginning and an end to them.

The AGES of the world's history are NOT an interchangeable term with the TWO COVENANTS God made.  They are not one and the same thing.  Sometimes the ages and covenants overlapped.  God made other covenants than just those two covenants mentioned in Galatians 4:22-25;  covenants with the patriarchs such as Adam, Noah, Abraham, Solomon, and Phinehas, etc.

There is also much discussion in Preterist circles of the "transitional" stage between the Ages, lasting for 40 years between the beginning of Christ's ministry until AD 70 when all the physical elements of OC temple worship were finally dissolved.  Total agreement with this 40-year transition period.  This transition phase is rather like the brief time of the day at dawn, just before full daylight.  Which is exactly how John described it in I John 2:8.  "...the darkness is passing away" (the cancelled OC), "and the true light already shines." (the New Covenant).

To determine just how many ages of human history that God intended for mankind to be divided into, we check into the language that Paul uses.  Based on Paul's and others' use of PLURAL AGES (aionon) versus the word for a SINGLE AGE, (aion or aiona), scripture mentions a MINIMUM of AT LEAST FIVE AGES, though I believe there will be a total of SEVEN AGES by the time of the final third resurrection for all the NC saints.

We are justified in proving multiple ages of human history, based on singular versus plural terms for AGES, because Paul used the same vital argument in his doctrinal proof for singular "Seed" (for Christ) versus plural "Seeds" in Galatians 3:16.  

Here is a series of verses where the word "AGE" and "AGES" are used that show us how this minimum of five ages for human history can be added up.

#1)  Exodus 15:18 (YLT)  -  This is Moses' song of praise after God destroyed the Egyptians in the Red Sea, when he said, "Jehovah reigneth - to the age and for ever!"  Literally, the Greek is rendered "the Lord is reigning the eon and upon eon and longer."  In Greek, "kurios basileuon ton aiona kai ep aiona kai eti."  This proves at least TWO AGES and a PERIOD BEYOND THAT.

#2)  Daniel 12:3  -  Again, this verse proves at least TWO AGES and a PERIOD BEYOND THAT.  The context is the time of unequalled Great Tribulation leading up to the Second bodily Resurrection out of the dust, with the "wise" ones doing evangelism up until that time.  "And they that be wise shall shine as the brightness of the firmament; and they that turn many to righteousness as the stars for ever and ever."  Literally, the LXX renders this "for the AGES (plural) and YET MORE."  In Greek, "eis tous aionas kai eti."

#3)  Colossians 1:26 - This proves at least TWO AGES or times BEFORE THE NEW COVENANT was initiated.  "Even the mystery which has been hid from ages" (plural) "and from generations, but now," (with the revelation of the New Covenant at Jesus' crucifixion) "is made manifest to His saints."  Paul also mentioned in Acts 17:30-31 that "the TIMES of this ignorance" (plural) of Gentile idol worship that had passed before God "now commandeth all men everywhere to repent."  The urgency for repentance at the time was because God was "about to judge the habitable world in righteousness at the day of His AD 70 return.  The already-existing New Covenant kingdom would then survive the AD 70 shaking process as being firmly-established without a rival.

#4)  I Cor. 10:11 (Interlinear)  -  This proves at least TWO AGES BEFORE THE NC was launched at Christ's crucifixion, resurrection and ascension.  "These things now [as] types happened to them were written then for admonition of us to whom the ends of the ages are arrived." (plural)

#5)  Hebrews 9:26 (ESV)  -  Again, this proves at least TWO AGES BEFORE THE NC.  "For then He would have had to suffer repeatedly since the foundation of the world.  But as it is, he has appeared once for all at the end of the ages" (plural) "to put away sin by the sacrifice of Himself."  

Paul makes a clear distinction in Ephesians 1:21 between the end of the OC AGE and "the coming one" that was soon to arrive.  But even after that coming NC Age was firmly established, Paul predicted at least another age to follow that NC Age, as found in...

#6)  Ephesians 2:6-7  -  "And hath raised us up together and made us sit together in heavenly places in Christ Jesus.  That in the ages to come" (plural - the NC Age and at least one following it) "He might show the exceeding riches of His grace in His kindness towards us through Christ Jesus."

#7)  Ephesians 3:21  -  This proves MULTIPLE AGES (at least more than two) of the NC church.  "Unto Him be glory in the church by Christ Jesus throughout all ages."  This has to be more than two ages of NC church-based history, or Paul would have said "throughout the Age" (singular), or he would have said "throughout both ages".  The words "ALL AGES" indicate at least three Ages for the NC church.

Or, if we rely on the Interlinear rendering of this verse, it says "to Him [be] glory in the assembly in Christ Jesus, to all the generations" (geneas) "of the age of the ages" (aionos ton aionon), which seems to indicate the superiority of the NC Age beyond any other ages (plural) before that one (at least TWO AGES PRIOR to the NC AGE).

All told, when these verses above are compared with one another, we arrive at a total of at least five ages - and perhaps more - that scripture talks about.  That's a total of at least TWO AGES PRIOR to when the NC was initiated at Christ's crucifixion and ascension, the NC AGE itself, and at least TWO AGES FOLLOWING the NC Age.

Personally, I believe there are a total of SEVEN AGES of fallen mankind's history predicted for us, followed by the entire number of resurrected saints participating in whatever stages of activity God has decreed for us in the afterlife.  Each of these seven ages for fallen humanity I believe to be composed of a millennium per age.  That's 7,000 years total for fallen human history - a not unheard-of proposition, even in rabbinical writings, I am  told.

On another post of Doug's (called "Is This Site Active?")  I proposed the theory that the prevailing theme for each of the seven millennia of the seven ages of fallen humanity's history is pre-figured by a corresponding type of God's creative activity on each of the seven days of creation week.  Below is a breakdown of what that looks like in comparison.  

We already know that Peter specifically wanted his readers to be aware of the pertinent fact that one day with the Lord is the equivalent of a thousand years.  It's an expansion of the day=year principle in scripture, turned into a day=millennium principle in II Peter 3:8 (Interlinear).  "But this one thing let not be hidden from you, beloved, that one day with the Lord is as a thousand years, and a thousand years as day one."  

According to this principle, we have grounds to equate a symbolism of the first day of creation week with the first millennium of fallen human history on the planet, etc., all the way up to the 7th day of creation week being a microcosm of what the 7th millennium will be like in general.

 The First Millennium

Adam provided the prevailing theme for this 1st millennium.  The first day of creation, God separated light from darkness.  To match with that, the first millennium of human history could be summed up with Adam personifying all of mankind's sinful darkness having to be separated from God, the source of light.   Significantly, Adam's lifespan of 930 years took up almost the entirety of the first millennium.  Though it is not specifically called a covenant, the first directive given  by God to man prior to the Fall, with a promise of death if they disobeyed, has often been called the first covenant of God with man.

The Second Millennium

Noah provided the theme for the 2nd millennium, with God making a division in the waters (as He did on the 2nd day of creation) between those waters that belonged to Heaven, and those that belonged below that.  We know that before the flood, the waters of the deep provided a mist that watered the whole face of the ground (Gen. 2:5-6).  After the flood, God made another division of the waters, so that rain from heaven provided the needed moisture for the land, and the waters of the deep had a bound set upon them, "that they turn not again to cover the earth" (Ps. 104:6-9).  

In another sense, God also made a division in the people of that ancient pagan world, by submerging everything that had corrupted its way on earth below the flood-waters, and by preserving Noah and his family above those same flood-waters, because he had been seen as righteous in that generation.  A distinct covenant was made between God and Noah (Gen. 6:18, 9:9-17).

The Third Millennium

Abraham provided the theme for the 3rd millennium, since God chose him out of the "sea" of Gentile nations, to make a people for Himself.  This was similar to the 3rd day of creation, when the dry land appeared, was separated from the seas, and started bearing vegetation and fruit after its kind.  The "land" has typically represented God's chosen land of Canaan in scripture, separate from the "seas" of the Gentile nations.  Abraham, the father of the children of faith, was a picture of God separating His people of faith from among the "seas" of the unbelieving world, and causing them to bear fruit for Him.  

Another covenant was established with the patriarch Abraham, with God declaring that He would give the seed of Abraham the promised land in Gen. 15:18-21.

The Fourth Millennium

King Solomon provided the theme for the 4th millennium.  It began with Solomon's temple foundation being laid down in 968/967 BC.  This was the beginning of the Revelation 20 millennium, when Satan's deception of the nations was bound by the ministry of the prophets, and the light of God's message began to spread throughout the nations by the words of the Lord that the prophets wrote or spoke.  This was similar to the 4th day of creation week, which had "great lights' put in the heavens, for signs and for seasons, and for days and years, to add to men's knowledge of the world and of the God who had given them that world. 

This millennium encompassed Solomon's "golden age" for Israel as a people.  The increased exposure of the nations at large to the God who led that nation lasted until Christ's finished work on the cross and the "First Resurrection" in AD 33, as Revelation 20:5 tells us this period of 1,000 years was finished at that point.  This vitally important year of AD 33 is what dates the beginning and ending year of every one of the seven millennia, since the purpose and the hope of all human history revolves around Christ's death and resurrection, anyway. 

Again, God made a covenant promise by appearing twice to Solomon, promising to bless him in multiple ways if Solomon continued to follow the Lord as his father David had done.  God gave two promises, as double  confirmation; one prior to Solomon building the temple, and the other after he had completed it.  When Solomon broke this covenant, God reminded him of it in I Kings 11:11. 

The Fifth Millennium

The Apostle Paul provided the theme for this 5th millennium, which began with the surge of gospel evangelism being presented to the Gentile world, as Paul vividly demonstrated by his God-commissioned ministry given to him in the Jerusalem temple at the end of Daniel's 70th week in AD 37.  Life sprang up abundantly in the "seas" of the Gentile world from then on, just as there were burgeoning life forms in the oceans from the fifth day of creation onward.  

The New Covenant in Christ's blood was the new promise which all nations could now share from that time forward, as part of the "One New Man" reality in Christ.

The Sixth Millennium

The 6th millennium enjoyed - and is still enjoying - the most lavish blessings of all.  There are other instances in the Old Testament where God gave a greater-than-ordinary blessing on the 6th day, and the 6th year.  On the 6th day of creation, man and woman in God's image were given dominion over the planet, and told to subdue it.  One cannot dispute that the period from the close of the Dark Ages until now has experienced an explosion of God's blessing upon this earth for mankind; a truly iconic representation of mankind's dominion over the planet, compared to the preceding 5 millennia.  Not only did an actual warming trend in weather patterns begin that bumped up the crop yields at the beginning of this millennium, but we had The Renaissance, the printed Word of God available, the Reformation, The Great awakening, great missionary endeavors, The Industrial Revolution, medical advances, technological expertise, automobiles, air travel, computers, and inventions galore, (and not to be profane...but toilet paper and indoor plumbing too).  We are soon coming up to the end of this 6th millennium of God's blessing, since it will expire in 2033, based on Christ's anchoring date of AD 33 for the end of the 4th millennium.

The Seventh Millennium

This fast-approaching 7th millennium I believe will be characterized by a period of imposed Sabbath-type rest, when the frantic pace of human activity on this planet will be sharply curtailed  (just as God Himself demonstrated for us by resting from His works on the 7th day of creation).  This will ultimately provide for the progress of God's gospel, by reducing the insane amount of distractions we have on our time and activities, even as Christians.  As many a Christian will admit, if hardships come, God can use them to drive us closer to the Savior, and cause us to rethink our priorities.  This is true even for unbelievers. 

When God wanted to get close to His people in Old Testament days, He brought them into the wilderness, and made them totally dependent upon Him for their daily bread and water, and their guidance in unknown territory.  I suspect this is part of what will be coming for the world at large in this next, last, 7th millennium of human history for fallen mankind - when God will cause the world to "Be still and know that I am God."  His final return for the last, 3rd bodily resurrection of those saints who lived and died under the New Covenant Age since AD 70 will occur at the close of this 7th millennium in 3033.  Again, this is based on the AD 33 date for the end of the 4th millennium (when the "First Resurrection" had occurred).

Following the last 7th millennium, God will have eradicated all human evil from this planet at that transition point by destroying it utterly - body and soul.  The resurrected saints will then share the inheritance of a purified universe, or wherever else God intends to use us all in any ages subsequent to that one, throughout eternity.

I don't think it's an accident that there are SEVEN THUNDERS that utter their voices in Rev. 10:4.  The content of their prophetic utterance is SEALED UP by John - meaning that those UNWRITTEN prophecies were reserved for a time AFTER AD 70's fulfillment of all WRITTEN prophecy.  Those SEVEN THUNDERS VOICES are, I believe, a metaphor representing the 7 total millennia of fallen man's history on this planet.  The content of the unwritten prophecies they uttered has been playing out over time since AD 70, and will continue to unfold until the end of the 7th millennium.   

Some might say all this above regarding "seven millennia" is pure conjecture, but there are actually other symbols that run through the Old Covenant Mosaic law that align with this theory also.  


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Comment by Internet_Troll on April 22, 2019 at 11:50am

Hi Patricia

Thanks for taking the time to lay out your thoughts. One thing I would like you to keep in mind is that the symbolism in the OC was for realities in the NC and we must be wary of stretching it beyond what it was meant.

I just have 2 questions for now

1) What does the phrase "end of the ages" mean? Does it mean all the ages had one end, ending at the same time? Does it mean these ages were one after the other? If so, how could they have one end? Does it mean that all the ages were concurrent? What is the point, the goal, the telos, the reason of/for "ages"?

2) How do you understand the fulfillment of the rest of Heb 4 and how do you tie that in to the fast approaching Seventh Millennium?


Comment by Patricia Watkins on April 26, 2019 at 1:59pm

Hi IT Guy,

We're agreed that "symbolism in the OC was for realities in the NC".  The difference between us is that you have said all those NC realities were completely fulfilled ever since AD 70, and I see scripture describing some of those NC realities as being played out over time since the New Covenant was established (such as Zech. 14:16-19, and Is. 66:23, and Rev. 10:4 and 14:13).  It's just another illustration of God who "quickeneth the dead" who can "call those things which be not as though they were".  Future expectations are considered a "done deal", if God predicts them.

You asked: "What does the phrase 'end of ages' mean?"  (Or "ENDS (plural) of the ages", as in I Cor. 10:11). 

It means that every one of the prophets throughout the Ages leading to Christ's incarnation said at least something about what Joel 2:28-32, Heb. 1:2, and I Peter 1:20 had all called "the last days".  

Peter claimed this in Acts 3:21-24.  The ascended Jesus was to be "received" by heaven until the "times of restitution of all things which God hath spoken by the mouth of all His holy prophets since the world began.  For Moses truly said unto the fathers, A prophet shall the Lord your God raise up unto you of your brethren, like unto me; him shall ye hear in all things whatsoever he shall say unto you.  And it shall come to pass that every soul which will not hear that prophet, shall be destroyed from among the people.  Yea, and all the prophets from Samuel and those that follow after AS MANY AS HAVE SPOKEN, have likewise foretold of these days."  

Every one of the past Ages from creation forward had received spoken prophecies of how Christ would come, suffer, and accomplish a glorious redemption for fallen mankind in the "last days".  This "restitution of all things" included the major breakthrough of getting rid of the demonic world that had plagued mankind since creation, when those "kingdoms of the world" that had been under Satan's dominion since the Fall were returned to Christ in AD 70.   When Christ eliminated the demonic realm of Satan, this gave dominion of the kingdoms of this world back into human hands again, since now in Christ we share in that "power over the nations" (Rev. 2:26-27). 

Remember, the AD 70 returning Christ is pictured in Rev. 19:12 as wearing "MANY CROWNS" of the kingdoms of this world; (all of them having been confiscated from the destroyed Satanic realm).  This is more than just the ONE kingdom crown of His high priesthood, received at His ascension in AD 70 (Dan. 7:14 compared to Rev. 14:14).  

Daniel 2's statue with Christ the Rock crushing into dust the entire statue simultaneously in AD 70 is just another illustration of the eradication of the demonic realm.   It's not the human kingdoms of government that were crushed all at one time back then.  It's the demonic members of the divine council which had been operating within all of those previous ancient kingdoms in past Ages.  These demonic agents were destroyed all together when they were "imprisoned" (Rev. 18:2, Is. 24:21-23) in AD 70's "Lake of Fire", which was "prepared for the devil and his angels" (Matt. 25:41).

AD 70 was the dividing line between a demon-oppressed world and a demon-free world after AD 70.

In the Ages after AD 70, God has been giving mankind another chance WITHOUT ANY DEMONIC PRESENCE, to show us what happens when mankind is not "in subjection" (Heb. 2:5) to the angels, and especially to demonic oppression any more.  We can't blame anything on the devil since AD 70.  Any blame for wickedness is on us alone in the Ages following AD 70.  

This is the "point, the goal, the telos, the reason of / for 'ages' " from the fall of Adam to AD 70 that you asked about, IT Guy.  The reason is for God to show mankind that our human nature as inherited from fallen Adam is STILL corrupted - even without any demonic evil present to influence us since AD 70.  We STILL need Christ to come purify things at another judgment day and resurrection when He will purge the universe of any remaining presence of human evil this next time (i.e., another annihilation of the wicked after a final judgment / resurrection).  There will finally be no more "dogs", etc., outside the New Jerusalem gates - an improvement even beyond the AD 70 state of things for the New Jerusalem as found in Rev. 22:15.  God can always do "one better" than we think.  After all, He's infinite.

You also asked: " How do you understand the fulfillment of the rest of Heb. 4 and how do you tie that in to the fast approaching seventh Millennium?  

Scripture has multiple applications of the 7th day of creation in Hebrews 4:4 representing REST for mankind.  The 7th DAY at creation was the origin of the pattern for REST set up by God to begin with.  This pattern expanded with the Mosaic law into symbols of 7 WEEKS until Pentecost Day. 

Also the 7th YEAR of Sabbath rest for the land to lie dormant without cultivation.

Also 7X7 YEARS until the restoration year of the Jubilee, and its symbols of release from servitude, when the land was again to lie dormant for a year.  

We also have the proscribed 70 YEARS of imposed Sabbath rest for the land of Israel, as a consequence for the Israelites not obeying God's rule of letting the ground enjoy a Sabbath rest period of lying fallow.

Subsequent to that, we have Daniel's 70 WEEKS OF YEARS before Christ, our true Sabbath REST had been manifested at the beginning of His ministry in AD 30.  

These are all repetitions of the original pattern of the 7th day of rest, in escalating multiples of that number 7, the number of completeness.

The 7th MILLENNIUM  is just a further extension of symbolized rest for God's people.  There's an underlying reason for the entire 7th millennium to be described as a rest period of some sort for the world; a final step in the incremental ratcheting up of time periods linked to the number 7.

Remember the man who disobeyed by picking up sticks on the Sabbath day, just after the Mosaic law was given?  That one man received the death penalty for that infraction.  

Remember next how the Israelites as a nation had neglected to obey God's laws and observe the years of Sabbath rest for the land, and were sent into exile for 70 Years so that the land could enjoy its Sabbaths?  The entire nation "died" in the process, and had to be revived later in the post-exilic return.

As we  know, the revived nation of the Jews, after their 70 years of exile, once again rejected the true Sabbath rest found in Christ Jesus as their Messiah, at the end of the "70 Weeks of Years".  A "Second Death" - the final one for all ethnic Israel of the OC- was the consequence.  Christ's return on the day of Pentecost gathered the resurrected children of faith into their "REST" in the true Promised land in heaven, and at the same time "brought to corruption those that had corrupted the earth" (the land of Israel).

Fast forward to the New Covenant times since AD 70.  Instead of the nation of Israel, the entire world has strayed far from obedience to God and has "done despite to the Spirit of grace".  To whom much has been given, much shall be required.  With the New Covenant in place over the nations, and the absence of demonic evil in this world, any sin against this manifold mercy extended to humanity from Christ deserves proportionate consequences.  This time, instead of just 70 YEARS of imposed rest, or 70 WEEKS OF YEARS in waiting for Christ the True Rest to appear, I can picture an age when the ENTIRE 7TH MILLENNIUM becomes a period of imposed rest on the world at large, before Christ's final 3rd coming.   If the vanities of this world are stripped down to a more basic level of existence, God can do His finest work among His people, and the kingdom of God can increase exponentially in a quieted world - by whatever means God uses to do this.

We know that the rock that struck Daniel's image was destined to grow into a great mountain that fills the earth.  This is an incrementally optimistic prognosis for mankind, though God may use unconventional and unexpected means to achieve this goal for His glory.

And I hope and pray that I live long enough to see this pattern emerging, after 2033 and the 6th millennium Age of history has expired. 

Comment by Internet_Troll on April 27, 2019 at 5:28am

Hi Patricia

Do you realise that there is no verse which ever says e.g. the FOT in Zech will stop being observed? Does that mean there will be endless resurrections? You do realise that the feast is observed every year not just once? How do you understand this yearly commemoration?

I still think you are reading more into the symbolism and expressions than is necessary.

I agree with your understanding that "the ends of the ages" means the culmination of the ages, the intended outcome of the ages, the climax. I then do not understand why you seek for yet another culmination especially given that it is based entirely (at least in my view) on extrapolation rather than direct teaching of scripture. We should always be able to separate when we speculate and when something is clearly taught by Scripture. For me the AD70 culmination is emphatic and I see no teaching for yet another culmination.

You did not explicitly mention when you find Heb 4 being fulfilled but you did state that those shadows of rest were pointing to the true rest Christ. True, God can always do one better, but lets be wary of speaking where the Bible is silent. What rest can be greater than Christ?

Comment by Patricia Watkins on April 28, 2019 at 4:20pm

Hi IT Guy,

Nope.  In answer to your question, Zechariah 14's FOT does NOT picture endless resurrections, because the FOT, or the Feast of Ingathering, was scheduled for the END of the harvest year in Israel.  If you think I am "reading more into the symbolism and expressions than is necessary", it would be helpful to know what different symbolism you might assign to this, even if it's just your best guess.  Because Zechariah 14:16-19 is symbolic of something.

You are wondering why I seek for yet another culmination for the Ages?  I've probably mentioned this before on this site, but the short parable of the leaven representing the kingdom of heaven in Matt. 13:33 shows us yet another culmination point beyond AD 70.  

"Another parable spake he unto them; The kingdom of heaven is like unto leaven, which a woman took and hid in three measures of meal TILL the whole was leavened."   That simple word "TILL" means there is a final culmination point before the work of the leaven is HALTED by the baking process.  To me, this represents an ending stage to the New Covenant Age - not a perpetual, unceasing NC Age with unending procreation. 

Have you ever made bread, IT Guy, or seen it made from scratch?  The dough rises in bulk TWICE before it's finally baked.  At its first rising in the bowl, the dough has huge, unsightly air pockets produced by the leaven.  After several hours, this dough is put on the kneading board, and is squashed flat in the process.  To all appearances, it looks as if the leaven's work has been ruined, because the dough is completely flat again.  The kneading process that works the dough over will stretch it and help it develop and strengthen the elasticity of the gluten in it.

In its second rising, (this time in the baking pan), the dough takes a little less time to again swell to the same size once more.  However, the nice thing is that this time the leaven is evenly-distributed in tiny air pockets throughout the whole loaf.

There is an exact time when the loaf reaches this peak of development for the leaven.  However, if the baker continues to leave it sitting after this second rising, the dough will collapse flat again under the weight of its own swelling volume, and spill over the edges of the pan.  At the very peak of development for the leaven, into the oven it goes for baking, to halt the spread of the leaven, and to complete the process.

Jesus knew exactly what picture He was presenting with His leaven parable.  The kingdom of heaven in the first Ages of human history was found grouped into large "pockets", such as the family of Noah, Abraham, and the children of Israel as a nation that dwelled by itself, separated in covenant from the nations at large.  This is what is pictured by the large "air pockets" in the bread dough's first stage of rising.  

These large pockets of God's kingdom, including the Christian believers in the last days, were all "kneaded" and "squashed flat" by either persecution of the saints, or by the dissolving of the elements of the OC.  To all appearances, it looked as if the "leaven's" work of the kingdom of heaven had been destroyed altogether.  Not so.  God was merely driving the "leaven" of the kingdom into every bit of the "dough" of this world - this second time to multiply in fine, evenly-distributed "air pockets" throughout the "dough" of this world's nations.  "Baking day" is what we are now expecting, when this "leaven" of God's kingdom on earth will have finally reached a peak development of filling the entire mass of the "dough" 

The "squashing" and "kneading" process of the dough was the AD 70 period; similar in  type to Daniel 2's rock that crushed the image to dust and AFTER THAT grew in size until it filled the earth, just like the leaven's second rising.   Both of these scriptural examples in Daniel and Matthew show us another culmination point AFTER AD 70.

You stated also that I never mentioned exactly when the "rest" of Hebrews 4 was to be fulfilled, as in "There REMAINETH therefore a REST to the people of God...Let us labor therefore to enter into that rest." (Heb. 4:9,11).  These verses tell us that in the days Hebrews was written, a REST had been reserved (apoleipetai) in the future for the saints.  Though they were already "resting from their own works" in a state of salvation in Christ, yet there was "another day" of rest that had been RESERVED for them after their "labor" - a final rest yet to come in their future.  They entered that final rest by being bodily resurrected in AD 70, in a face-to-face union with Christ.

Salvation's terms are not fully realized until that point; i.e., when our glorified bodies are made incorruptibly-perfect in a bodily resurrection, when we can literally stand in Christ's presence and SEE HIM EYE TO EYE without dying by the experience.

Isn't this the ultimate experience that Moses longed for back in the OT? (Exodus 33:18-23)

Isn't this the blessing found in Revelation 22:3-4?  "...and His servants shall serve Him: And THEY SHALL SEE HIS FACE, and His name shall be in their foreheads." 

For those Full Preterists who claim that Jesus destroyed His resurrection body as He ascended in Acts 1:9-10, they believe Jesus is now only a spirit being, and has no physical, glorified resurrection body anymore that can be seen.  (In other words, we would have no representative in human form in heaven right now as our high priest mediator between God and men.)

I STRONGLY disagree with this concept.  The testimony of Hebrews tells us that Jesus still retains in heaven today that glorified, incorruptible, physical body form, with all the same capabilities He displayed with it during those 40 days before He ascended.  The resurrected saints of AD 70 realized their full inheritance of salvation by literally "seeing His face" back then.  We saints under this New Covenant have the "earnest of the Spirit" within us as a seal on the promise that one day in the final bodily resurrection, we too will finally "see His face" in our incorruptibly-changed physical forms.

You asked "What rest can be greater than Christ?"  NONE GREATER.  Seeing Christ face-to-face as God in His full glory with our own glorified bodies made perfect in the resurrection - and not dying by the experience - this is the ultimate conclusion of our salvation inheritance.  The AD 70 resurrected saints have already realized this inheritance.  We NC saints don't have this manifested yet, but we will in our future in the final resurrection.  Anyone with the indwelling spirit has this "pledge" or "earnest" (arrabon) of our final inheritance being realized in the future.

The very symbol of "booths" in the Zechariah 14:16-19 FOT for the NC saints is a potent reminder from year to year that the saints are still in those temporary structures of a physical body that, in order to SEE CHRIST'S FACE, need a change in the final resurrection into a permanently-perfected state.  This is even better than the Garden of Eden fellowship with God.  In Adam and Eve's original condition before the Fall, they had the possibility of committing a sin of disobedience and losing that intimate fellowship with God.  In OUR final state of perfection, both body and soul, there will no longer be any possible risk of our losing that perfect face-to-face fellowship, because "we will be like Him", and we will finally "SEE HIM AS HE IS" (I John 3:2) with our own eyes, and not another's.  


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