O death, where is thy sting? O grave, where is thy victory?

I am always looking for new places to download good audio, for free of course, to listen to while I work.  Over the weekend I found out that has a free section, as well as a free book for download every month. 

Anyway, I perused their free section and found three really interesting presentations. 

The first one was a presentation by Francis Collins (of fame). It was very entertaining and informative. During the question and answer session Dr. Collins was asked about physical death before the fall. He replied that the death in the Garden was of a spiritual nature, not biological. 

Then I listened to N. T. Wright present a lecture on The Resurrection of Jesus Christ. I am amazed at how close N. T. Wright gets to Covenant Theology, but then how far away he is because of his inconsistencies. He does a great job of exploring Paul in the Hebrew context, but then flips the switch and universalizes / materializes everything. He spent a lot of time on Romans 8 talking about how the "whole creation" would be set free in the end. During the question and answer period, a question very similar to this blog post that I posted a few months ago came up. Wright totally contradicted himself because he has to. He can't deal with that direct question within his paradigm! I was amazed. (There were some other very insightful questions that clearly showed the strength of the full preterist hermeneutic.)

The final thing I listened to was this critique of The New Perspective on Paul. They denigrated N. T. Wright and others for putting emphasis on the context and original audience when interpreting Paul! Absurd! I know, but I digress. 

So, what's the point? If you take the time to listen to any of these podcasts, especially the first two, and pay special attention to the Q & A portions, you will see why the future is truly bright for covenant creation/eschatology. The speakers laid the groundwork for a consistent exegesis even though I don't think they realize it. 

More importantly, when people listen to these lectures it is clear that the right questions are the obvious ones. When people start to see how weak the traditional answers are, they will start to search and easily find full preterism. I was truly struck at how strong the preterist position would have been if it had been presented in all of these cases. As the popularity of these guys (Wright's New Perspective and Collins' increases it will simply push people into the search for consistency. That is good for covenant creation/eschatology. 

Add to that, the fact that full-preterism is gaining recognition and eventually may be a considered a viable alternative to the other 3 eschatological positions, and the snow ball keeps getting larger! (See Don Preston's inclusion at the Criswell College Lectureship)

Exciting times indeed.

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