O death, where is thy sting? O grave, where is thy victory?

At the end of 2007, Tim Martin and I published the 3rd edition of Beyond Creation Science.  This is the edition is which we first defined and developed Covenant Creation.  Before this, only one conference paper had been issued on the subject.

Imagine our surprise, while the book was still at the printer, Ed Stevens had published in the Dec. 2007 issue of Fulfilled Magazine a critique of Covenant Creation.  Less surprising was that Ed quoted nothing from either the book or the conference talk.  Instead, Ed invented, whole cloth, the belief he was complaining about.

This was the start of, so far, almost ten years of misrepresentation of a view that is only ten years old.  We've heard Ed Stevens' falsehoods repeated back to us from a large number of people over those years.  What's more, Ed has continued to repeat those falsehoods, even though I and others have tried to correct Ed's understanding.

These ten years have shown that Ed Stevens does not care one bit to honestly represent those he disagrees with.  He doesn't care to understand the point of view of others.  What he imagines about what others have said is all that matters to him.

After Ed's introductory paragraph in the article above, Ed starts with his first whopper.

>>This is important to study because there are some within the Preterist movement who suggest that the creation account of Genesis is nothing more than an allegorical description of Israel’s covenantal “world” created during its exodus out of Egypt. This concept of covenantal “creation” ...

We still haven't gotten an answer from Ed as to why he claims we date Genesis 1 creation to the Exodus.  It is just what he claims we believe and continues to claim we believe.  That this statement is a completely false statement, does not disturb Ed in the least.

In response to the last time I engaged Ed with this example, Ed responded (Aug. 3, 2017)

>>I would be delighted to retract any "falsehoods" and "false accusations" and "misrepresentations" that I have made against the CC view. But first, you will need to quote my words where I allegedly uttered such "falsehoods" and "false accusations" and "misrepresentations", and then cite the page numbers from your BCS book where you have clearly shown that my representations of the CC view (as explained in your book) are false. Please provide that documentation, or else quit saying that my representations are false. If they are false, you should easily be able to cite the page numbers in your book which show that they are false. Quote my "falsehoods" and then refute them with the page numbers in your book.

I had already quoted the falsehood, explained it, he continued to ignore it.

As we did not anticipate people misrepresenting us in this manner, we do not explicitly state that the creation account was the negation of Ed's statement.  However, he is the one who made the initial claim, and he is the one who has failed to back up that claim.  How could he?  He never quoted from our book, nor anything else we have written.

To answer Ed's demand, I merely need to point out the following:

Pages 189-236 of Beyond Creation Science (a PDF is available upon request) is a discussion of Adam's sin and curse.  Adam is presented as a living breathing human being walking in the garden, many generations before Moses and the Exodus.  There is not a hint in this chapter that Adam was anything else.

On page 209 following, we explicitly discuss Genesis 1-2, as occurring in time before Genesis 3 and the Fall and the Curse.

In the discussion concerning Genesis 1 in the chapters that follow, there is nothing there to suggest this event occurred at the time of the Exodus.

I have explained this to Ed Stevens numerous times, in numerous ways over these ten years.  Yet he continues to spread this falsehood.  This is just disgusting.

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