O death, where is thy sting? O grave, where is thy victory?

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At 8:02pm on October 5, 2008, John said…
Welcome JL,
Looking forward to some great discussions.
At 10:02am on October 11, 2008, Stephen Douglas said…
"Tim Martin and JL Vaughn are now friends Oct 9"

Sheesh, it's about time!
At 9:34pm on October 17, 2008, James Kessler said…
Sory JL. I didn't mean to sound so formal. It was mostly my way of respecting my elders :-)

Blessing my friend,

At 10:01pm on December 27, 2008, Norm said…

Sam is listed and he should have been aware of the aprx dates of truthvoice. It appears by looking at the topics that there may be a desire to offer a different perspective than what truthvoice provides.

This would possibly be especially true of Dr. Birks as I believe he is very uncomfortable with recent Genesis positions coming out of Preterism. It will be interesting to see how he and Sam Frost interact on the “corporate body” discussion concerning Adam in Genesis. They are on opposing sides of the argument. They are most likely together on a global flood though. I also see it possibly as an attempt to strengthen the Reformed side of Preterism around some of Birks and Sam’s commonly held positions.

That is what I’m reading between the lines at the moment until we get further clarification.

At 1:54am on January 14, 2009, Brian Maxwell said…
Thanks for the Welcome!
At 12:05pm on January 15, 2009, Charles Shank said…
Thanks for the add, Jeff; I'm looking forward to an edifying and glorifying time here!
At 3:41pm on January 17, 2009, Tami said…
Hey, Jeff! Nice job on the "Fulfilled" magazine article! Just got my copy in the mail today.
At 7:17pm on June 16, 2009, Tami said…
Hey there, how's it going?

At 1:42pm on July 1, 2009, Prabhu Das said…
Greetings from Tenali. How are you brother?
At 2:36pm on July 1, 2009, Prabhu Das said…
Brother JL Vaughn,

I'm very sorry to hear of your mother-in-law's passing away

Yah, I finish reading it (and like to read one more time). And I also shared a copy with Marnatha Bible College and Lotch Library with the intention to reach and educate many. Recently also I was contacted by Br. Stephen to teach these preterist concepts at his bible school. I’m very interested, but I was totally helpless to provide both of our conveyance.

Victor Suman is very young…I think he needs some time to dig into these advanced concepts.

We are just fine! Thanks for asking.
At 6:25pm on July 3, 2009, Patrick said…
Ha! yeah the other guy gotta a way clean. I eneded up with a two swollen black eyes, marks all aoround my foreheaed from my halo to hold make sure my head still, and two "hell-boy" like bumps in my head from some suction cups. Wasnt' very pretty, but better than the alternartive. I actually look halfway dececent excecpt I haven't shave yet and look like a hippey.

They say they got all of the cancer but wont' know unte the pathology report comes back. Praying hard on my end. This is my "be still& know- time" so to speak.

At 9:31pm on July 8, 2009, Patrick said…
Wow...just reread my comment below. I must have been high as a kite. Never try and leave comments when on codeine.

Still have a black eye, but overall doing a lot better now. Thanks for your prayers.
At 11:13am on July 15, 2009, Allen J Epling said…
To JL Vaughn:
While its true that "on the surface" Dick Fischer's views and mine are similar, having not read his book, I looked at his reviews which were generally unfavorable, and I believe many of his hypotheses are dated and not valid. As a "Concordant" I admit to picking and choosing which issues to address, however I never fail to survey the entire landscape, and have been quick to reject ideas that prove to be in conflict with "any" part of the Bible. I believe my hypotheses are valid and supported by science, the evidence, AND the Bible. I don't attempt to "explain" individual events with pseudo-science as many do, but have tried to portray the entire Genesis narrative in a storyline that is seamless from the creation to the time of Moses. In my mind, at least, Genesis mysteries are finally understandable and logical.
At 12:27pm on July 15, 2009, Allen J Epling said…
To JL Vaughn:
I underdstand what you are saying and respect your views. I do strongly believe in the two creation events but also that the man in genesis 1:27 was not the man in Genesis 2:7. My rationale is that the man in Genesis 1:27 was only an announcement by God that He "intended" to create a man in his image, and that Australopithicus was only the first step in that process, where Adam and his descendants who merged with Australopithicus' descendants after the flood, was the final step. I would be happy to mail you a copy of my book if you would like to email me your address. I believe you may not agree with all I have to say, but that I have some good arguments that you might find informative and enlightening. I really have done my homework on this.
At 8:50am on July 19, 2009, Tami said…
Hey Jeff, would you consider posting a report here from the Ardmore conference?
At 9:38am on August 12, 2009, Allen J Epling said…
John, I am about halfway through your book, and I am in awe of your work. It is very detailed, logical and throrough. You wrote on a very scholarly footing, where I wrote my book for a populist view. I have to admit, for a premillenialist, I am giving serious thought to your premise, and it has been invalualble to me so far as a historical reference for the modern theological views that I was on shaky ground about. I'm not saying that I fully accept your preterist hypothesis, but I have always had some questions similar to your arguments about it. I have to live with an idea for a while before adopting it or discarding it. I've learned that time is the greatest teacher in these matters. One thing that I noticed is that we are not that different in our outlooks concerning the Old Testiment. I focused on the book of Genesis and the flood, and you look closely at the flood, its relation to future prophesy. We both are very close on both evolution and the flood. You look for relationships in the text, and I ask the question "why" in all events. In many ways the two views compliment each other, at least in my opinion. Thank you for the book, I look forward to finishing it.
At 9:41am on August 12, 2009, Allen J Epling said…
JEFF, sorry about the "John" thing. I don't know where that came from.
At 10:51am on September 5, 2009, Allyn Morton said…
Thanks JL
At 11:58am on September 6, 2009, Allyn Morton said…
Hey JL, when you said it was good to finally see me on a preterist board that would imply you have seen me elsewhere. Where might that have been? Just curious.
At 2:33pm on September 6, 2009, Allyn Morton said…
JL, I see you have encountered the logic "cough" of the infamous PaulT. As you have seen he never lets one know what he truly believes but only finds as much fault as possible with the preterist. Try pinning him down on the coming. Or try debating him on Romans 8:11. He'll twist it to make you look like you backed out and declare himself the whinner, er I mean winner.

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